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Credit Reports and Student Loans

Student loans are installment loans like mortgages and car loans. They are reported differently than revolving accounts like credit cards.

Multiple Aspire Servicing Center Listings

You may see several listings from the same creditor on your credit reports if:

  • You take out additional loans for subsequent academic years.
  • You apply for more than one loan in a given academic year.
  • You receive a merged credit report. Individual credit reports from each of the national consumer reporting agencies will not show the same loan as a duplicate.

Account Information and Payment History

The following loan account information may remain on your credit history up to 10 years after the last activity:

  • Current status
  • Payment rating
  • Date closed
  • Payment history

Paying an account in full will not remove accurately reported historical data.

Note: Current residents of New York and California are subject to different guidelines. Contact the national consumer reporting agencies for more information.


If you previously had a delinquency on your account, bringing that account current will not remove a delinquency that has already occurred. However, bringing the account current, either by making a payment or obtaining available assistance, will stop the delinquency from getting worse. Your payment history will be accurately reported in compliance with company policy and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Status Fields and Ratings

Most credit reports contain a status field and a payment rating field in addition to the historical payment data. The status field reflects the current repayment status reported to the national consumer reporting agencies. The payment rating field displays, at a glance, the highest historically reported delinquency on the account. Information in the payment rating field does not necessarily show the current status of the loan.

Student Loan Credit Limits

Student loans do not have credit limits. Credit limits are established for revolving credit lines, like credit cards, that do not have fixed repayment terms. When you review student loan details on your credit report, the credit limit listed on the report represents your original loan balance.

More Information

Contact the national consumer reporting agencies for more information.

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