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Reportable student loan interest for tax purposes is available by Jan. 31 each year. Once it is available, you may view your reportable interest by logging in to your account.

Borrowers who paid $5 or more in student loan interest on their accounts serviced by Aspire Servicing Center will receive 1098-E forms. Form 1098-E is applicable to reportable interest on private education or federal student loans only. Interest paid on consumer loans that are not education loans (such as bootcamp loans) are not reported on Form 1098-E.

Common Questions About Student Loan Interest and Taxes

Q: How and when will I receive tax forms?

A: Borrowers who paid $5 or more in student loan interest to Aspire Servicing Center will receive 1098-E forms, and borrowers who had at least $600 canceled by Aspire Servicing Center during the previous tax year may receive 1099-C forms.

If you have elected to receive tax statements electronically in your Paperless Inbox, your tax information will be available for download by Jan. 31. Forms will be mailed by Jan. 31 to borrowers who meet the above qualifications but have not elected to receive tax statements electronically.

If more than one loan servicer provided service on your loans during the previous calendar year, you may receive a 1098-E form for interest paid to each servicer.

Note: Our tax forms list your tax information under the name Aspire.

Q: Why didn't I receive tax information in the mail?

A: We do not mail tax statements to borrowers reporting less than $5 on their 1098-E or less than $600 on their 1099-C forms in the previous tax year. (This information is, however, available by logging in to your online account.) Debt forgiveness due to death or total disability will not be reported on the 1099-C forms.

If you have a spousal consolidation, the 1098-E or 1099-C document is mailed to the primary person listed on the account, and the comaker will not receive a tax form from us or be able to view the information through online account access. Comakers may request this information by speaking with one of our representatives.

If you have elected to receive tax statements electronically and you should receive a 1098-E or 1099-C, your tax information is available through Paperless Inbox. Log in to your online Aspire Servicing Center account to view your forms.

Q: Can I still sign up to receive my tax information electronically?

A: You may sign up to receive tax information and other communications electronically at any time after logging in to or creating your online Aspire Servicing Center account.

Q: What should I do if I have other questions about my student loan interest and taxes?

A: If you have specific questions about your 1098-E or 1099-C form, please consult a tax professional or contact the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-1040 or www.irs.govOpens a new window.
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