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We Are Here to Help You

We are committed to helping you during the COVID-19 national health emergency. We understand many of our borrowers are facing a significant change in circumstances that impact the ability to make student loan payments.

Assistance Is Available

As announcements are made and the situation changes, we know you have questions. Rest assured, assistance is available for those who are impacted by COVID-19.

As of March 27, 2020, the federal government has provided for limited education funding relief as part of the national Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. However, the six-month suspension of student loan payments and waiver of interest applies only to federal loans, owned by the federal government. We only service loans that are not federally held, and these loans do not qualify for this relief. Please see the information below about how to request the assistance that we are able to offer for the loans we service.

We are fully staffed and working through inquiries as quickly as possible, but we are receiving a high number of calls and emails. We encourage you to access your account electronically to make payments.

Please review the assistance and frequently asked questions below.

How to Request Assistance

For faster service, you may apply for assistance without speaking to a representative.

  1. Determine the types of loans we service for you. You may refer to a billing statement (PDF), your online account or a letter or notice from us listing your loan types.
  2. Choose the assistance type you would like to apply to each loan.
    1. All federal and private student loans are eligible for a disaster forbearance for up to 90 days. To request this forbearance, send us a secure email. Select "COVID-19 assistance" from "Choose Topic." In the comments area, please note you have been impacted by COVID-19 and how long you would like to postpone payments (either 30, 60 or 90 days). Note: Additional documentation may be required for requests beyond 90 days. During the disaster forbearance, interest continues to accrue, but it does not capitalize, at the end of the disaster forbearance period. If additional assistance is used to cover an existing delinquency, interest accrued during that assistance period will capitalize (be added to the principal balance).
    2. If you have a federal subsidized loan and you have remaining economic hardship deferment time available, you may use this type of assistance without interest accrual. Review the qualifications. If they apply to your situation, complete the economic hardship deferment form (PDF) and submit it by mail or secure upload.
    3. If you have federal loans and you are receiving unemployment benefits, are unemployed or are working less than 30 hours a week while looking for full-time work, you may qualify for unemployment deferment. Review the qualifications. If they apply to you, complete unemployment deferment form (PDF) and submit it with your benefit award letter, if applicable, by mail or secure upload.
  3. Compare available assistance and see additional options.

  4. Submit the appropriate request as noted above.
  5. Watch your electronic account notifications or regular mail for notification that the assistance has been processed and applied to your account.
  6. Continue to check back here for updates.

Office Closed to Visitors

Our office is closed to visitors. You may use our drop-off box located next to our main entrance if you typically make payments or need to drop off paperwork in person. If you need to make a time-sensitive payment, you may pay at any time by calling (800) 243-7552 or paying online.

Frequently Asked Questions

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