Assistance Is Available

Updates: COVID-19 forbearance is available on many private and federal loans we service through March 31, 2023. A completed and signed request form (PDF) is now required to request assistance. Not all loans may be eligible for COVID-19 assistance.

How to Request Assistance

To request or extend a disaster forbearance on your federal or private loans, complete and submit a COVID-19 National Disaster Forbearance Request form (PDF). If your loans are eligible, assistance will be processed through March 31, 2023, unless you indicate an earlier date on the form.

If you have past-due payments, an administrative forbearance may also be applied to postpone those payments. Please check your online account or watch your mail for notice of this assistance. You may contact us to request that we remove any assistance on your account if you do not want it.

Note: During the disaster forbearance, interest continues to accrue, but it does not capitalize or become added to your principal balance at the end of the forbearance period. If additional assistance is used to postpone past-due payments, unpaid interest that accrues during that assistance period may capitalize. The waiver of interest announced by the federal government applies only to federal loans it owns. We service only loans that are not federally held, including Federal Family Education Loan Program and private loans, and these loans do not qualify for the interest waiver.

Additional Assistance Options

If you can, we encourage you to continue payments. However, if you can't make payments, other assistance options besides the disaster forbearance may be an option. You may be eligible for:

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Office Closed to Visitors

Our office is closed to visitors. You may use our drop-off box located next to our main entrance if you typically make payments or need to drop off paperwork in person. If you need to make a time-sensitive payment, you may pay at any time by calling (800) 243-7552 or paying online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are payments and interest suspended or waived for my student loans?

The federal legislation is only for federal student loans held by the federal government, such as federal Direct Loans. The loans we service, including FFELP and private loans, are not federally held loans and are not eligible for the interest waiver.

Many of the federal student loans we service are eligible for forbearance, which may be automatically applied or requested. Many private loans are also eligible for assistance. The assistance postpones any payments due for a period of time not to extend past March 31, 2023. Please see how to request assistance above.

Can my student loan payments be forgiven?

Payments are not being forgiven for those who are affected by COVID-19, but you may be able to postpone payments through March 31, 2023. Please note that interest continues to accrue during periods of forbearance, but it will not capitalize.

I have both federal student loans and private student loans with Aspire Servicing Center. Are they all eligible for forbearance?

Both types of loans may be eligible for forbearance. However, unemployment deferment or economic hardship deferment are also options for federal student loans if you qualify.

My federal loan is no longer listed as past due, even though I didn't make a payment. What happened?

Assistance was placed on your account to cover past-due payments and bring your account current. Interest may capitalize, or be added to your loan balance. If you do not want this assistance on your account, contact us to request it be removed.

What happens if I am still unable to make payments after my forbearance ends?

If you have difficulty making payments after your forbearance ends, an extension through March 31, 2023, may be available. You may also be eligible for additional assistance. Please contact us to determine additional assistance options.

Can I stop the forbearance after it has been applied or approved?

You can stop the forbearance at any time. Simply call or email us to request that we stop the forbearance.

How do I suspend or deactivate auto-debit payments?

If a disaster forbearance was automatically applied to your account, all auto-debit payments scheduled for the disaster forbearance period have been suspended.

You may temporarily suspend or deactivate scheduled auto-debit payments.

  • To suspend only your next auto-debit payment without requesting COVID-19 assistance, contact us as soon as possible. Your request must be received at least three business days prior to your next scheduled payment to suspend the withdrawal. While your payment is suspended, interest will continue to accrue on your loans.
  • To suspend auto-debit payments during forbearance, request COVID-19 assistance as explained above. The assistance must be in place on your account at least three business days prior to your next scheduled auto-debit payment to stop the withdrawal. Contact us as soon as possible to allow time for the assistance to be placed on your account.
  • To deactivate or stop auto-debit payments without using forbearance, contact us as soon as possible. Your request must be received at least three business days prior to your next scheduled auto-debit payment to end withdrawals. To reactivate auto-debit later, you will need to reapply by sending us a new Auto-Debit Payment Authorization (PDF).

Can I continue to make payments during assistance periods?

You can continue to make payments at any time. If you make payments that total more than the amount due plus accrued interest, your account may become paid-ahead. See more information on paid ahead.

Can I refinance my loans for a lower rate?

Our affiliate, ISL Education Lending, offers a refinance loan. You may wish to use the pre-qualification tool to determine your rate without impact to your credit. The refinance loan is subject to credit approval.