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Note to Our Borrowers Outside the United States

As of Feb. 1, 2019, we are no longer able to accept credit card payments. You may submit payments online or over the phone, free of charge, using a checking or savings account associated with a U.S. financial institution. Please call to make payments with a U.S.-based debit card. If you need additional payment assistance, contact us.

How Payments Are Applied

Select from the options below to see answers to common questions about how payments are applied to student loan accounts.

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How do I pay off my loans?

How is each payment applied to multiple loans in my account?

How much of each payment is applied to late charges, interest and principal?

What determines the effective and applied dates of my payments?

What happens when I make early or late payments?

What happens if I pay more or less than the amount due?

Can I make extra payments?

What is paid ahead?

How do I allocate payments differently?

How can I apply my payments to only the loans I have cosigned for a borrower who has additional loans?

What happens if my payment fails or is rejected?

How can I see my payment history?

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